Isn’t it satisfying to watch all those DIY home transformation videos? Indeed, they are a delight to watch. But have you ever considered renovating your house? If you have, then thinking long and hard about the whole process surely ends up spinning your head. Yes, that’s a great deal of work.

The alternative is you hire an interior designer. Again, that’s intimidating, right? Because of all the existing myths, the most common one being that only wealthy people can hire one. Well, that’s not true anymore, but the question, how much does it cost to hire an interior designer, does come to your mind.

Though it might seem far-fetched at first glance, reading through the article will surely convince you that hiring an interior designer is well within your budget.

Is It Worth It To Hire An Interior Designer?

Interior designing is a skill that professionals acquire through years of practice and experience. And it’s their expertise that makes a home transformation not just look good but a reflection of your style and personality.

However, it’s the fact that you know yourself the best, and what you want is clear to you. But having that reflected in the place you live requires professionals who will carefully plan, explore, and curate the site in such a way that you thought is impossible.

The most visible and comprehensible advantage of hiring an interior designer is that you save time. He already has a plan set in mind, a highly trained sense of what to do and when to do it. Also, he is familiar with all the possible obstacles and has a plan of action to tackle those.

Designers have expertise in space planning and project management that aids in making your place an incredible and highly functional home that is sure to capture people’s notice and improve your impression on both professional and personal levels.

You are also going to save money! Yes, that’s right. Having a professional will help you better take the design decisions, which are subjected to costly mistakes.

Also, the designer has a better understanding of managing the budget, reliable connections to the right resources, and the ability to communicate with the architects and contractors in the design language.

Now think otherwise; if you intend to do the work yourself, what’s going to happen? First of all, you don’t know any good electrician or plumber, you don’t speak the language of contractors and architects, and you may end up buying that piece of furniture that might be overkill for your home. And all these will definitely cost you a lot more than a designer’s fee.

What Is The Average Cost Of Hiring An Interior Designer?

With so many variables involved, it’s quite tricky to come up with an average estimation of the interior designer fees. Based on their expertise, project’s scope, scale, and level of service you want, an average estimate should fall within $1000 to $10,000 or $12,000. Now that’s a wide range, and it doesn’t include the furniture or other appliance cost.

Again, cost also depends on how they are charged. And we would say understanding how designer’s fees are charged will help you better estimate the cost required for your house improvement.

Hourly Rate

This is a widely used fee structure, and the hourly rates range from $100 to $300. Now that’s an average range, and for new designers, the rate can be a minimum of $50 per hour, and for more experienced ones, this can be as high as $450 per hour.

Again there can be two variations. The designer might include the travel and communication times within the total working hours or charge additional fees for that. Also, some designers charge a day rate instead of hourly rates, which can be up to 8 hours of working a day.

The structure is most advantageous for smaller projects. And though the experienced designer might seem high-end, they are more efficient and can finish the job in less time.

Flat Rate

The flat rate structure is ideal for your whole home or room renovation. An important thing to keep in mind is that experienced designers and firms generally use flat rates as newer ones might not have the expertise to quote a price by assessing all requirements and your expectation.

So, the typical flat rates vary from $500 to $1500 per room. Designers quote the price by assessing the square feet area of your space and the amount of work needed.

However, you need to be sure of what is included in the fees and whether there is any scope of revision within the agreement. Also, make sure you ask for the estimated time upfront.

This structure allows you to remain stress-free throughout the whole process as you have the quoted total cost.

Percentage fees

This fee structure includes percentage fees, cost plus, and commission fees. While they all seem the same, but it’s better to be clear with your designer or firm. Percentages are usually taken as a percent of the cost of construction and material. This can vary from 10-45%.

And commission fees, sometimes known as markup on material, takes a percent of the cost of materials, furnishing, and contractor management. And this can be from 15-35%.

What To Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer?

As you look interior designer, your primary concern remains on the money. However, apart from the research about cost only, there are few other things that you should know before beginning the whole process. We would suggest you ask yourself a few questions, and the answers will help determine your house’s interior design cost.

What is the size of your budget?

It is the driving factor behind the whole project. Once you have a clear idea of your budget, it’s helpful for the designer to plan and execute within the budget. So, if you have a budget in mind, let your designer know about the figure. However, make sure you are not too rigid on the number because the complex procedure surely needs some wiggle room.

What’s the size of the space?

It’s a fundamental question that shapes the whole project. Knowing the size of the living space that you intend to improve will help estimate the cost and determine the extent of the work involved. Undoubtedly, an apartment and a big two-storied home require different approaches.

What is the scope of the project?

Scope answers the question that how you intend to see the transformation. Do you need to change the wall paints and some decorating, want to design a workspace within your living room, or have a new home that needs buying new furniture, construction, and design.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Interior Designer?

Now you know how designers charge and what your preferences are. So, the final question comes, how much does it cost to hire an interior designer.

You see, every project is unique, with its own complexity, design, and level of work. Surely, the project’s furnishings and construction can be similar, but the behind-the-scene jobs, drawings are the key factors that make a project stand out. And don’t be surprised, these jobs comprise almost 80% of the work and cost.

So, there cannot be a one-number answer to that question. Apart from how designers charge and your preferences, the cost of hiring depends on few other factors.

       How much construction work and management job are involved?

Construction work includes all the electrical and plumbing works. And the flooring, false ceiling, and other carpentry works are also included in construction works.

And these civil and electrical jobs require a great extent of management job between plumbers, electricians, and contractors, which also falls within the designer’s responsibility. And assessing all the construction and management functions, designers or firms can also present a budget with engineering. However, that’s a full-service design.

You can also hire one for a design-only project, where the only job of the designer will be to design and make selections; the rest is on you. Whichever you prefer, that will determine your cost to hire.

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       What level of service do you want?

The interior designer’s job starts with the consultation and includes all the construction and furnishing tasks. And that all adds up to the cost of hiring. So, you need to be sure of what level of service you want. Do you need design consultation only or a full-service interior design?

The full-service design is inclusive of all the work and gives you the best output. And consultation is more of guidance to walk you through the whole process, but you need to all the work.

Sometimes you might also need designers for a decorating project, where the construction job is not that much, and the designer cost estimates will depend on the services you receive.

How To Hire An Interior Designer?

Once you have made up your mind on this, hiring an interior designer is rather easy. However, you might get confused seeing the overwhelming amount of options. Nevertheless, you should consider checking the online reviews on trusted sites.

It’s also a good idea to get a quote from different designers. Nowadays, several online platforms are available where you can calculate design costs and a consultation appointment. You can also review some of their previous work.

But make sure you ask all the necessary questions beforehand and get a designer who listens, understands, and fits your personality.

Wrap Up

Home shouldn’t be a place to live only. And at interior designer New Jersy, we believe it’s a place that reflects your thoughts, personality and gives you energy every morning. And if you are on the same page with us, well, we must say, we wrote this article exclusively for you.

So, how much does it cost to hire an interior designer? That is sure now clear to you. We tried to incorporate all the details and specifications that you need to know before hiring a designer. Keep reading; we are sure you won’t be skeptical about the interior designer’s charge anymore.